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Consultation Services

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Hey! My name is Jason Spencer, and for 20 years I have been consulting artists and creators around the globe.

My clients were already high performing individuals, however, there may be peices to their process that are missing.

I make it my goal to help them scale their current results and hit the goals they've dreamed to attain.

Let's get you on the right path. Schedule a consult today to get started!

-Jason A. Spencer / Consultant

Are you a creator that's struggling with monetizing your content?

In this 30 minute consultation, we will take the time to analyze your current progress, discuss your personal goals, and create a personalized solution.

In this 1 hour strategy session, we will provide an action plan and tool-kits that you'll be able to use to level up your efforts and give you the measurable results you've been working towards.

You will receive 4 calls/month. Each call will be 15 minutes and will be meant to ensure that you are following the instructions that have been provided to you from our previous consult sessions.

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